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1. Detailed info about interviews/questions at companies:

Amazon’s interview

Facebook interview

Apple interview


The Grace Hopper Conference is the world’s largest conference for women in technology. With more than 25,000 attendees, it is celebrated every year in the United States and India. I have attended the conference twice, in-person in 2019 and virtually in 2020. It will be virtual this year.

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Here are some fun facts about GHC:

  • Men can attend GHC too. You just have to apply online the usual way, and try getting a ticket.
  • Tickets sell out extremely fast, especially when the conference is in-person. Unless you have company/college sponsorships, get a ticket asap to get in.
  • It is quite…

If you have applied to hundreds of jobs online with 0 responses, chances are your resume is not Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly. Here’s what that means and what you need to do to pull the odds in your favor.

Most companies receive thousands of applications online for their openings, and it is not possible for recruiters to go through every single resume. Hence they have an ATS in place. An ATS parses through every resume, gives a % value depending on how well the resume matches the job description, and then ranks it in a table. …

Education in the United States is top-notch but extremely expensive. I just graduated debt-free with a bachelor’s degree. I had $50,000+ in scholarships, paid internships at Facebook and Fannie Mae, as well as a lot of other part-time/side gigs (including blogging, which pays surprisingly well). Here’s everything I did to ensure money was never a problem. These are actionable steps that you can take too, to ensure you don’t carry the burden of debt for years after graduating.

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1. Ways to earn: Get Merit-based scholarships during the college admission

If you plan and apply to colleges early (every college has a deadline to be considered for scholarships), you will be automatically…

#OneYearCodingPlan : Month 7

In this article, we’ll discuss Recursion and Dynamic Programming for coding interviews.

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Week 1: Understanding Recursion and solving easy questions.

Week 2: Recursion mediums and hards

Week 3: DP easy questions

Week 4: DP medium and hard questions


We all start with recursion by learning how to find the factorial of a number recursively, but interview questions can get a lot more complicated than that. Recursion might seem difficult at first, but it leads to extremely elegant and simple solutions to several problems. …

When it comes to building a resume, I believe less is more. Content is way more important than the template. So whenever I face rejection, I would rather spend my time and energy building new projects, researching, or finding part-time jobs to polish my skills than focus too much on resume aesthetics. Here are some resume builders you can use to build your resume in no time.


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  1. Microsoft Word: Isn’t it funny that Microsoft helped me land Microsoft? MS Word has very standard and…

Many students assume that it’s too hard or not important to get an internship when you are in the first or second year of college. I strongly disagree, there are a lot of benefits of starting early:

  • It’s very tough to get an internship/job with a resume with zero experience. If you start early, the lack of experience is okay since you are young.
  • The interviews are a lot easier.
  • There is lesser competition as lesser students bother applying.
  • If you perform well, you are given a return internship offer, and even if you do not choose to return, the…

Here is a list of 42 questions asked by Apple in their interviews with a link to their solution. I got the questions from Glassdoor. I prepared this database before my own interview and since I found them useful, I thought I’d publish it as a quick resource. Try to solve or at least skim through all of these starting 2 weeks before your scheduled interview, and you’ll be good to go. For more information about the internship interview, read more here.

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Non- DSA:

1. Advantages of using MacOS

Better multitasking features

Better optimization of hardware and software

Simple and clean interface

I have taken the Apple interview twice, once for an internship (and I got the offer), and once for full-time (I got ghosted after the first round, oops). Having experienced the different internship rounds, I have tried to sum up Apple’s internship interview process and tips to crack it.

The Apple experience was quite different compared to the rest of the Big N. A huge advantage of getting an internship at Apple is, they have the highest intern retention rate as far as I know compared to the rest. There is always a possibility that you’ll not convert to full-time…

When you think of bubble sort, you can imagine the inputs being bubbles and rising up/going down depending on how dense they are.

Photo by Diana Orey on Unsplash

Given an array, you will start from the first number, and compare it to the one next to it. If it is “heavier”, or in this case bigger than the next number, it bubbles down or swaps places with that number. You continue doing this until the end, and this will cause the “heaviest” or the largest number to bubble sink down to the last position.

You do this again from the first position to the second…

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