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Medium makes it really hard for me to categorize my blogs as well as provide an index so that my readers can navigate to the blogs they are interested in. In this blog, I have listed out and grouped all my other blogs to make it easier for you to navigate through them. I will be updating this blog regularly as I write more.

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1. Detailed info about interviews/questions at companies:

Amazon’s interview

Facebook interview

Apple interview

Bloomberg interview

Apple’s question database

2. The One Year Coding Plan blogs:

Overall Plan: The One Year Plan for Cracking Coding Interviews

Month 1: Big O, Arrays and Strings

Month 2: LinkedLists

Month 3: Stacks and Queues

Month 4: Trees and Tries

Month 5&6: HashSets, Hashmaps, and Graphs

Month 7: Recursion and Dynamic Programming

3. Cheat Sheets

JAVA Cheat Sheet

4. Resumes, Cover Letters, and Linkedin help

Building the perfect resume

Resumes that made it into FAANG

10 free online resume builders

Here’s why you get multiple auto-rejects when applying to jobs online

5. About me

I took my childhood dreams seriously

How I graduated with $0 debt : About scholarships, internships, and managing finances as a student.

6. Internships and conferences

The Grace Hopper Conference

Marketing yourself at conferences

10 internship programs for first and second year students

7. Moving to the US for education:

Nailing the SAT and ACT

Nailing the GRE and TOEFL

Working in the United States post-graduation as an international student.

8. Uncategorized

Common phone interview questions

Bubble sort

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