About my hustle before cracking interviews.

It took me one year to go from a noob programmer to someone decent enough to crack coding interviews for getting internships and gaining experience. I still have a long way to go, but the first step to being a good programmer is working in the real world and getting experience, which can be best gained by internships. And if you want an internship, you have to crack the interview first. Which brings us to this blog.

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I have broken down my one-year plan, which I diligently followed, and will hopefully help you with your planning if you are in…

When you think of bubble sort, you can imagine the inputs being bubbles and rising up/going down depending on how dense they are.

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Given an array, you will start from the first number, and compare it to the one next to it. If it is “heavier”, or in this case bigger than the next number, it bubbles down or swaps places with that number. You continue doing this until the end, and this will cause the “heaviest” or the largest number to bubble sink down to the last position.

You do this again from the first position to the second…

Bloomberg is one of the most sought-after companies because of its amazing culture, work-life balance, and pay. It gets thousands of applications per year and it’s important to stand out in order to get a chance to work with them.

I have given the Bloomberg interviews twice, once for an internship and once for full-time, for the role of a Software Engineer. Here’s everything I know about their interviews to help those who dream of working for Bloomberg.

Getting an interview.

  • Apply online. The chances of you getting an interview like this are the lowest, but no harm in trying.
  • Get a referral…

Several companies have a phone interview round where they ask you questions from your resume as well as some quick technical trivia questions. I have tried to compile a list of these questions. This should also be helpful to you if you are new to tech or would like to brush over some concepts.

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1. Threads vs processes.

Process is an instance of a program, and Thread is a subset of the process. Both processes and threads are independent sequences of execution.

  • Threads (of the same process) run in shared memory space, while processes run in separate memory spaces. Hence, threads have their own…

There are plenty of blogs available online that teach you how to build a resume. This blog is not about advice regarding building your resume, it's about showing you different examples of resumes of people working at companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google to help you understand how you should build your resume, in order to be picked by a recruiter from thousands of others in the selection pile.

If you are interested in reading resume basics and need help in building one, should be more helpful. …

#OneYearCodingPlan : Month 5 & 6

In this article, we’ll discuss Hashmaps, HashSets, and Graphs for coding interviews.

HashSet and HashMap

If you ask me about my favorite data structure, it’d be a HashMap. It also has to be the most used data structure for me in coding interviews, especially because it’s very easy to implement. I also solve dynamic programming problems with hashmaps instead when I cannot figure out the DP solution, and end up with reasonable solutions several times.

Source — GeeksForGeeks


Format, syntax, and design— 1 week

Easy, Medium, and Hard questions — 1 week each

Understanding the data structure and its usage

Usage of and

Understanding how it works beneath the hood

Solve these two, they make great easy level…

I have given the Amazon interviews 3 times, twice for an internship and once for full time, for the role of a Software Engineer. Having bagged both internship and full-time offers, here are some tips for those who dream of working for Amazon. If you are interviewing for a data science role, these tips should be helpful to you for cracking the data structures/algorithm part of your interviews, and you’ll also have to prepare for SQL and data science questions.

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Step 1: Getting an interview.

This is the hardest step in my opinion. Amazon gets thousands of applications per year, and only a handful of…

Interviews can be scary, but knowing what to expect can help a lot! I have tried to sum up the Facebook internship interview process for software developers in this article.

1. Apply

Build an awesome resume and apply online on the ! I have had several people DM me about how unfortunate it is that Facebook doesn’t come to their college, that’s okay! You can always apply online, they do go through your resume and select you if they find you a good fit, I promise. That’s how they got back to me!

2. Prepare

Practice, practice, practice! They ask questions about data…

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When I first started interview prep, I kept a cheat-sheet to read right before an interview, or while solving programming questions on Hackerrank/Leetcode. It contains all the relevant methods I have ever needed to use. I used it until I was comfortable coding without needing it, and wanted to share it here for your reference.

Important methods:

ArrayList<String> arr = new ArrayList<>();

e = element, i = index

  • arr.add(e);
  • arr.add(i,e);
  • arr.contains(e); //returns bool
  • arr.get(e);
  • arr.get(i);
  • arr.size();
  • arr.remove(e); //returns bool
  • arr.remove(i);//returns bool
  • arr.toArray();
  • arr.indexOf(e);
  • arr.set(i,e);
  • Collections.sort(arr); //sorts arraylist

HashSet<Integer> h = new HashSet<>();

  • h.add(e);
  • h.contains(e);
  • h.remove(e);

String s = “hello”;

  • s.toCharArray();
  • s.indexOf(substring);
  • s.chatAt(i);
  • s.toUpperCase();
  • s1.equals(s2); //Note to self: DON’T DO “==” AGAIN AND WONDER WHY THE ANSWER…

In this article, we’ll discuss Trees and Tries for coding interviews. Trees are fairly easy to master and one of the most frequently asked about topics. Understanding trees is also important to understand and solve graph questions later, because if you find trees hard, chances are you’ll find graphs much harder.

Source — FreeCodeCamp


Understanding structure of a node, learning how to build your own tree class , and learning the different types of trees(theory)— 1 day

Mastering traversals — 1 week

Mastering tree building and Tries — 1 week

Easy and Medium questions— 1 week

Hard questions — 1…

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